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Hi! Thanks for visiting my profile! My blog 'Pebble Pen' is now a year old and all about books.

Penny creates digital content and provides online research for Brilliant Social media solutions.

Previously she has been involved in work for Waterstones booksellers, founded the Hampshire Scribers writing group and now she works variable hours at a College in South Yorkshire.

Originally hailing from Hertfordshire, she was raised in Kent, flirted with Hampshire & Wiltshire before coming to live in Yorkshire with her partner, Joel.

As a two time NaNoWriMo champion, she is passionate about writing and about engaging other young people in reading and writing. In her spare time, she volunteers for the RSPB and does ringing surveys for the BTO.

She blogs about her reading under the pen-name Penny Dawinter.

Catch up with her on her blog: or drop her a tweet on twitter! @PennyPebblePen

Book Blogger ✰ Bookseller ✰ Reader ✰ Animal Lover ✰ Writer ✰ Reviewer ✰ Feared Warlock 💀



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