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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Borne - Jeff Vandermeer

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Borne is such an imaginative labor of love. Only Vandermeer could hope to capture the intricacies of this strange post-apocalyptic biotech-bear ruled world. Every nuance and feature of Borne's development is painstakingly explained and laid out for the reader's attention. Every shift in relationship between Rachael and Wick and Borne is felt as real as day. You as the reader, watch Rachael's transformation, which is, in a way, even more startling than Borne. You become used to watching this strange organism bend and wiggle its tentacles but the feelings and emotions in this novel will never fail to surprise you. I loved the three way war dynamic, with Rachael and Wick fighting both the Magician's influence as well as Mord and his Proxies. The incredible journey from Balcony Cliffs at the ending was fantastically done! Five stars!

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