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Friday, 26 May 2017

Spellslinger - Sebastien De Castell

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Spellslinger was Sebastien De Castell's riveting toe-dip into the world of YA writing. I love the way that De Castell slowly has Kellen rediscover something he really already knew. Kellen knows that his people aren't kind, when they beat down those with little magic and make them into slaves, but he sees it only as something he needs to avoid at all costs. HE knows his people aren't architects, but he never questioned the sprawling city they live in or the magical oasis they use to practise their magic. This is all he knows until a traveller Ferius Parfax, forces him to really observe his surrounding and figure out what it all means. She teaches him that there are often more than two choices and that he doesn't need to be powerful to fight the good fight. Full of unexpected twists and turns and more than a few questionable battle tactics, this book pits the strongest of mages against one kind apprentice who treats magic as a con game. I really loved the characters best, I thought they were really strong and consistent and the plot rose and fell with them. I loved Kellen's quick lies and how often they turned out not to be far off at all! Soon to be released in paperback, I definitely recommend picking it up!

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