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Friday, 21 April 2017

Interview with MPA Hanson - Author of the Soul Merge Saga

When I met MPA Hanson, author of the Soul Merge Saga, I was impressed by her dry wit and top notch sarcasm. A really lovely lady and great to have a laugh with! Here she talks about the finished saga as a whole and shares a few intimate scenes with us.

My speech is in bold.
MPA Hanson's is plain text.

Describe the Soul Merge Saga in three words or less:
Graphic torture scenes
Okay there's a bit where she slices off a few eyelids but apart from that…
Okay any other thoughts?
You don't need eyelids - she sticks them back on in the end.
No not that!
I think it has good characters and it's funny in places and sad in others.
That's not three worlds but… What is the best part of finishing your first series?
Well the worst part is constantly wanting to go back and relive them and write more in that world. I can understand why people do 15 book series now!
What about the best part?
The best part of writing the book is losing yourself in the world and the characters and not having to think. There's this head space where it just flows.
What's your personal favourite part of the series?
When Asha is a child and just her growing up and the way Silver changes.
What is it about Silver and Asha's evolution that interests you?
It's a classic case of somebody having to step up and change because of a responsibility they didn’t necessarily ask for.
My grammar-Nazi is killing you in my head.
(I'm speed typing to keep up so spelling has been compromised)
Please continue J
You've run out of questions.
Ah yes - Favourite book in the series?
Third one - Silver's Redemption - even though it doesn’t have my favourite part in it.
In the first two Silver is almost an afterthought and Romana was quite goody-two-shoes. I liked the sharp contrast Silver provided. It's refreshing to write the antihero.
In a disturbing way writing from her point of view is addictive.
Why should I read these books?
Because they are my heart babies and the realisation of a dream.
Anything else to add?
I haven't even gotten to the bit where she inserts a thin blade into the arm pit to dislocate the shoulder and skinned the little bits between the fingers and toes and pinned them to give webbed feet.
Don't put that in there! And stop spelling badly!
How old were you when you started writing?
There was a project in year two when I rewrote my own version of five on a treasure island… But with torture and eyelids.
That is the most twisted version of my words ever
How old were you when you started writing these novels?
First draft was when I was 12.
I thought this was supposed to help me with my image!
I am - you come across as humorous and bloodthirsty - Perfect.
A QUOTE - "Screams rent the night asunder as blood flowed freely from his eyes. His uncontrollable urge to blink forced the wound to mix with his tears. […] She deftly pinched the second eyelid and replaced the knife by his face, running the sharp edge along the skin she touched, gently, mockingly.In another second the skin was gone, and in each hand she pinched a piece of skin with thin little eyelashes still attached."
MPA 's boyfriend: There's a torture scene? I thought this wasn’t a sex book?
It's not a sexy torture it’s a rip off your eyelids torture!
Thank you MPA Hanson for this enlightening interview about the Soul Merge Saga books.

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