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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Mort - Terry Pratchett

Mort is a creative, witty novel by Terry Pratchett. For all Mr Pratchett's acclaim and my own working knowledge of his Discworld series, I'd never read any of his books until now.

I loved it!

Mort is this wonderfully well meaning lad with little to no prospects until death snatches him up to be his apprentice! The characterisations are brilliant, with very little cross over between personalities.

Death is a very sweet fellow which I found completely unexpected. He cares for his charges and loves cats dearly which makes his easy to love.

It really captured me with the way Mort became more like Death as Death became more alive and it always had me on the edge of my seat wondering what kind of climax this could bring about.

The ending was likewise unexpected and, without wanting to give anything away, brilliantly achieved! I'd recommend Pratchett to anyone in need of a witty fantasy novel. I have heard that Mort is where Pratchett starts to really become great and from what I've read I definitely believe it! I look forward to another adventure on the disc soon!

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